How do I create an account?

All Carriers and Registered Inspectors must be a Registered User on to make use of the services. From the left margin, select 'Customer Log In' and then 'Create new account' as seen in the window below.

Enter at least all the fields with an asterisk (SCAC Number if a Carrier and CT Number if a Registered Inspector), check the 'I have read and accept the Terms of Use' box, the CAPTCHA info and then the 'Create new account' button at the bottom of the page.

Create New Account

You will receive an email that might look something like this:

Initial Email

MORE IMPORTANTLY, you will receive a second email that has critical information that will complete your registration and might look like this:

Second Email

Please respond to this email right away and complete your registration and enter your password.

For more information with respect to My Account, please refer to the following article: What if I have forgotten my password?

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