How can I begin using Auto-Fill Forms?

Before you can start using any of the services provided by, you must be a registered user of To use Auto-Fill Forms, you must be a Registered Inspector with your CT# in our databse. If your CT# location is not registered with, you need to create a new account. For more information with respect to creating a new account, please refer to the following article: How do I create an account?

After you log in as a Registered Inspector, in the left-hand margin select ‘Auto-Fill Forms’. The page will refresh with some short explanation and a large green start button.

Auto-Fill Forms Home

Press the start button and then your state. Select the form group that fits your need (ie: MC306DOT406-BP-IL-IN-KY-MI will complete forms for BP, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan).

Auto-Fill Forms (Indiana)

This will start a Question and Answer section that asks what was inspected or tested and what those results were.

Auto-Fill Forms Process

At the end of the process, you will sign all the documents with the secure online signature process and we will receive a notification that your documents are ready. This will save the repetitive entries and ensure the documents are completed in full. Pay special attention to the asterisked fields as they denote DOT regulatory mandated items.

For more information with respect to Auto-Fill Forms, please refer to the following article: I have reached the Document Review, now what?

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