How do I select Loading Facilities for My Equipment?

After signing into your account, select 'My Equipment' from the left column of the website and then select 'Select Loading Facilities' at the bottom of the refreshed page.

My Equipment Controls

The new page will show a dropdown field for the states in which Loading Facilities reside that you would like to have access. Select the respective state and press the 'Display Loading Facilities to Request Access' button.

Select Loading Facilities

The new page will provide a list of your company's Equipment and the Loading Facilities for that state.

Select Loading Facilities Request Access

Select Loading Facilities To Loading Facilities

Select both the respective Equipment and only the proper Loading Facilities you require access from the list and press the 'Request Access' button.

Select Loading Facilities Move Equipment

If there are Loading Facilities missing from the list, please notify us via

That's all you need to do. Once new documents are submitted and analyzed, they will be forwarded to the Loading Facilities you have requested access.

Please, respect the process and select only the Loading Facilities you require access for specific Equipment. Selecting all Equipment to load at all Facilities is abuse of the system and could result in limits to your account.

For more information with respect to My Equipment, please refer to the following article: How do I add Terminals to My Account?

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